People want to listen to your music. You probably want them to. We wanna let them. It's that simple.

You don't need to pay any money, just figure out what music of yours you'd be willing to let people listen to and build a list here. We'll take it from there.

If you'd like, you can even build a playlist of your tunes and make that available. You can always come back and make changes at any time.

music fans

You can put an indyola player on your website pages, blogs, Freewebs site, MySpace page--wherever you'd like. It's as easy as signing up and copying a few lines of code onto your pages.

When people visit your pages, they'll hear the music you have selected. And when they go to another page, the music picks up right where it was.

You can build a custom playlist or choose one that's already built.

the indyola player

The indyola player lets you listen to music on web pages, and it's pretty smart. It can be paused or turned off, or have its volume turned up or down, or let you skip songs or go back.

It also remembers where you were last listening and will go back to the same song when you come back. (Even if you clear your cache, cookies and history and come back using a different browser.)

The player can grab music from anywhere on the Internet and stream it through any page on any site.

Free Music for Websites

Flash Music Player for Your Website, Blog or MySpace page is available here.

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